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25PCS Double Sides Washable Nail Files

It's designed to swiftly maintain natural or acrylic nails and facilitate the quick removal of gel polish, ensuring effective and convenient nail care.



Complete Nail File Set: Our professional set includes 25 colorful nail files for quick trimming and shaping. With a comfortable grip and efficient half-moon-shaped emery board, it's perfect for maintaining natural or acrylic nails, and easily removing gel polish. Achieve your desired nail length and shape with ease!

Dual-Sided Efficiency: Our 25 pcs coarse nail files feature a double-sided design for maximum versatility. The 100-grit side sculpts nails to the desired length and shape, while the 180-grit side refines edges and smooths out imperfections. Achieve flawless nails with ease!

Easy to Clean and Reuse: Made from durable sandpaper, flexible EVA material, and a supportive polystyrene layer, our colorful fingernail files can be effortlessly cleaned by rinsing with water or using soap after each use. Their washable and reusable design guarantees long-lasting performance.

Salon and Home Essential: Our durable, washable nail files are a must-have for both salons and home use. Achieve precise shaping, smoothing, and refining with ease. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional nail artist, our colorful nail file kit is an essential addition to your nail art collection.




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